Summer Spectacular Horse Show

Michiana Event Center, 455 E. Farver Street, Shipshewana, IN 46565
June 17-19, 2020

The Michiana Event Center (MEC) in Shipshewana IN will host an exciting new show "The Summer Spectacular Horse Show" June 17th - 19th. ADHHA National Qualifying classes and ADHHA Challenge Cup Competition, a full list of ASB, Hackney and Hackney pony, Roadsters, Hunters, Saddle Seat Equitation, Open to any breed classes....!!! To be held in the MEC new 5000 seat Coliseum and 450 stalls, all under one roof.

Show Manager: Peter Fenton 859-321-9281
Event Manager: Dennis Fry 260-302-6015
Judges: Renee Lavery
Photographer: Brooke Jacobs, Jane Jacobs

Wednesday June 17: 6pm
1. ASB Open Park Horse
1a. Parade Horse — any breed
2. ADHHA Roadster Under Saddle
3. ASB Show Pleasure Driving
4. Open Harness Pony
5. 3 gaited Amateur/Jr. Exhibitor
6. ADHHA Open Fine Harness
7. Amateur Roadster To Bike
8. ASB Open 3 Gaited
9. ASB 5 gaited Am/Jr. exhibitor
10. ASB Show Pleasure Jr. Ex/Amateur
11. ADHHA Roadster to Bike
24. Saddle Seat Equitation 17 & under
12. Open Hackney Horse
13. ASB 5 Gaited Show Pleasure
14. ASB Open Fine Hamess
15. ADHHA Open Park under saddle
16. ASB Country Pleasure Jr. Ex/Amateur
16a. Open Hackney Pony
17. ASB Open 5 Gaited
18. TBA

Thursday June 18: 10am
19. ADHHA Open In Hand
19.a Amateur/Jr. Exhibitor Park
20. Hunter Prospect any breed
21. ASB Country Pleasure Driving
22. Roadster Pony Amateur/Jr. Exhibitor
23. ASB Open Park Pleasure
23a Saddle Seat Pleasure Equitation 17 & under
25. Open Roadster Pony
26. ASB Jr. Park Pleasure
26a. 10 & under Walk/Trot Equitation
27. ASB Western Pleasure Country Pleasure
28. Hackney Pleasure Pony Amateur/ Jr. Exhibitor
29. ASB Fine Harness Junior/Limit
30. Open English Pleasure - Any Breed
31. Open Roadster Under Saddle
32. ASB Hunter Country Pleasure
33. ADHHA Amateur Fine Harness
34. Open English Pleasure Walk & Trot
35. Open Roadster to Bike
36. TBA

Thursday June 18: 6pm
37. Open Pleasure Driving- Any Breed
37a. Parade Horse Stake
38. ASB Jr. Park Under Saddle
39. ASB 5 gaited show pleasure Stake
40. ADHHA Junior/Limit Fine Harness
41. ASB Show Pleasure Driving Stake
42. Open Hunter Prospect Any Breed Stake
43. ASB Open Park Pleasure Stake
44. ADHHA Open Park Stake
45. ASB Show Pleasure Stake
46. Open Hackney Harness Horse Stake
47. Saddle Seat Equitation Stake
48. ADHHA Roadster to Bike Stake
49. Open Hackney Pony Stake
50. ASB Country Pleasure Stake
51. ASB Open 3 Gaited Stake
52. TBA
Stormy Ridge Aisle Party - following Thursday Night Session

Friday June 19: 10am
52a. 10 & under Walk/Trot Equitation Stake
53. ADHHA Open Fine Harness Stake
54. ASB Western Country Pleasure Stake
54a Roadster Pony Amateur/Jr. Exhibitor Stake
55. ASB Open Fine Harness Stake
56. Hackney Pleasure Pony Stake
57. ASB Open Park Stake
57a. Amateur/Jr. Exhibitor 3 Gaited Stake
58. Open Roadster to Bike Stake
59. Open Pleasure Driving Stake- Any Breed
60. Amateur Roadster to Bike Stake
60a. Saddle Seat Pleasure Equitation 17 & under Stake 61. Open Walk and Trot Stake
61. Open Walk and Trot Stake
61a. Open Harness Pony Stake
62. Open English Pleasure Stake- Any Breed
63. ASB Country Pleasure Driving Stake
64. ADHHA In Hand Stake
65. Open Roadster Pony Stake
66. ASB Hunter Country Pleasure Stake
67. ASB Open 5 Gaited Stake
68. TBA