ADHHA breeding goal universal appeal

Universal breeding goal for high steppers

The ADHHA breeding goal is like an umbrella that covers all horses and people that can contribute to the high stepping show horse with universal appeal & star quality.

Show horse breeds all over the world

The Dutch Harness Horse, Saddlebred, Hackney and Morgan, for example, all have similar characteristics of the high stepping show horse. The difference is the road followed to achieve the ultimate goal of the high stepper with universal appeal.

Inclusive guidelines

ADHHA believes that breeders should have the freedom to breed towards their own ideal.
That's why ADHHA chooses guidelines and a breeding goal that are comprehensive, inclusive and simple to understand.

ADHHA offers room for creativity

ADHHA pyramids provide guidelines to help identify the many simple steps it takes to achieve the ultimate goal.
A role of the American Dutch Harness Horse Association exists to:

document & record pedigrees so breeders can make informed decisions based on personal preference

identify the minimum requirements & provide a clear breeding goal

inform & educate breeders, trainers and all people interested in the high stepper

Everyone can recognize the high stepper by its powerful & dignified trot with its striking frontleg that goes above the horizontal.
To be snared by the high stepping show horse is ADHHA's breeding goal
ADHHA in hand class

Breeding & pedigree

The breeding or pedigree of a horse forms the base of everything. For selecting breeding stock, a stallion or mare, the following criteria should be considered:

  • proven heritage
  • line-breeding or inbreeding
  • hybrid or outcross
  • phenotype & genotype
By putting simple factors in place breeders increase their chance to obtain the universally accepted high stepping show horse. The journey to the ideal is the fun part!

The importance of conformation, motion and heart

The three pyramids show some basic steps that can be used to create the ultimate show horse that has universal appeal. Even though the breeding is the foundation, without proper horse husbandry the ultimate goal can not be achieved.

It is the breeders choice as to where they feel their horse should be improved upon and each part of every pyramid should be considered.

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ADHHA's ideal horse has correct and functional conformation with specific show horse characteristics.

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Foals show a natural high stepping trot. The ideal motion is  extreme, functional and technically correct.

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The heart makes the difference. It shows in conformation, motion and trainability.

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ADHHA breeding & training goal

Universal excitement!

The universal excitement begins when all or most of the ingredients in the pyramids are fullfilled. Universal quality and appeal is the ultimate goal.
The breeding goal forms a base for the training pyramid. When everything comes together you need no explanations or reasons, you just sit back and enjoy being snared by the high stepper.