ADHHA's pursuit of star quality

Keuring divisions

Horses on a keuring are evaluated on their natural motion, conformation and overall type of an American Dutch Harness Horse.
Keurings are an educational way to see how your horse or breeding program compares to the ideal.
Premiums and predicates can also be given to horses with certain criteria.

Keurings are a way to see where your horse is ranked compared to the ideal.

In hand

ADHHA in hand class

Horses are shown in hand to judge them on natural conformation and motion. The in hand keuring classes are divided on gender, age and level:

  • mares, stallions & geldings
  • 2 year and under to get a premium
  • 3 years and up to become 'ster' and 'elite'

Fine harness

ADHHA DK's Galena

Horses  are shown in fine harness to judge them on ability, motion and natural attitude. The fine harness keuring classes are divided on age, gender and level:

  • 3 years and up
  • for ster mares to become 'keur' and 'elite'
  • for ster stallions to get 'approved'
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