The success of the Harness Horse Festival 2015

The ADHHA would like to thank all participants that made the Harness Horse Festival and the ADHHA Jackpot Futurity a great success.
65 stallion service fees were donated and raised $48,600 for the Jackpot Futurity. The donors and purchasers of these services will have one foal each eligible for the futurity.
After the nomination of mares for this futurity the pot will even grow larger! If you would like more information about the ADHHA Jackpot and Open Futurities please message us.


The top ten service fees are as follows:

Famous V

Purchased by Steve Debolt and Tom Caisse $5,000-


Purchased by Leroy Gray $3,500-

Graaf Kelly

Purchased by Allen Raber $3,000-


Purchased by Ray Slabaugh $1,900-


Purchased by Christian S. Lengacher $1,700-


Purchased by Corner Stone Stables $1,650-


Purchased by Perry Nisley $1,600-


Purchased by Stormy Ridge Stables $1,500-

Hampton's Great Day

Purchased by John Graber $1,150-

Fox Grapes Dreamworks

Purchased by Flecia Fairey $1,100-